We have the best Do-Nuts and Kolaches in all of Central Texas. Our recipes are authentic and time-tested, and the ingredients are always fresh. We are Aggieland’s sweetest tradition!


Our products contain: wheat flour, vegetable shortening, potato flour, soya flour, sugar, eggs,  milk, salt, powdered sugar, and vegetable gelatin as well as other ingredients specific to the product made.

    • Glaze

    • Chocolate Glaze

      Chocolate Glaze

      The Chocolate Glaze donut is perfect for those looking for a glaze donut with a extra kick to it! The cocoa mixed with our traditional yeast recipe, and topped with glaze makes for the perfect mixture.

    • Chocolate Glaze Donut Holes

      Chocolate Glaze Donut Holes

      Much like our original glazed donut holes - our Chocolate Glaze Donut Holes come from the very center of our Chocolate Glaze Donuts. These little darlings are perfect for everyone!

    • Glaze Donut Holes

      Glaze Donut Holes

      These little darlings are a favorite for both children as well as adults. As the name denotes, this is the very center of our traditional glazed donut.

    • Glaze Donuts

      Glaze Donuts

      Our classic Glazed Donut is made from our traditional yeast recipe and has been a favorite since 1936.  It just doesn’t get any better than this! With a golden brown exterior, they are incredibly light and fluffy on the inside. Glazed Donuts are what makes the world go round!

    • Iced Donuts

    • Chocolate or White Iced Nut

      Chocolate or White Iced Nut

      Walnuts atop our famous chocolate or vanilla iced yeast donut is a flavorful duo of crunchy and sweet. If you have not tried one, you are definitely missing out!

    • Cinnamon Sugar or Plain Sugar Donut

      Cinnamon Sugar or Plain Sugar Donut

      Our Cinnamon Sugar donut is our traditional yeast donut, fried to a golden brown, then topped with a perfect mixture of cinnamon and sugar to satisfy any sweet tooth. For those wanting something a bit sweeter, our Plain Sugar donut is your answer! Whether you get a Cinnamon Sugar or a Plain Sugar Yeast Donut, you’ll love the contrast of the sugar and the donut.

    • Coconut


      While some prefer chocolate icing and some prefer vanilla icing, both are excellent choices for our traditional yeast donuts topped with coconut flakes. Try one of each so that you can decide for yourself!

    • Iced Donuts

      Iced Donuts

      “Variety's the very spice of life, that gives it all it's flavour.”
      William Cowper

      Come see us to let us spice up your life with our variety of iced donuts! No matter what your favorite flavor is, we will have something to put a smile on your face.
      Flavors: chocolate, vanilla, cherry, strawberry, and maple

    • Sprinkle Donuts

      Sprinkle Donuts

      While we have to admit these are the perfect treats for a child’s birthday party, it goes without saying that these are just as popular with adults. The texture that the sprinkles lend to our chocolate, white, strawberry, or cherry iced donuts is the perfect balance. We serve freshly made sprinkled donuts every day so there is no need to wait for a special occasion. Make every day a party day and treat yourself, no matter how young or old you may be!

    • Sugar White

      Sugar White

      Treat yourself to our traditional yeast recipe donut topped with mounds of powdered sugar. It is definitely a treat to remember!

    • Pastries

    • Apple Fritter

      Apple Fritter

      If an apple a day keeps the doctor away then this must be the healthiest of all of our pastries. Our Apple Fritter is crafted from our traditional yeast recipe, dusted with cinnamon, fried to a golden brown, glazed and then filled with a warm yummy apple filling. For the sake of your health, come treat yourself with this handmade bit of heaven!

    • Bear Claw

      Bear Claw

      Bear Claws are not just for bears! These delightful pastries are hand shaped, created with our classic yeast recipe, dusted with cinnamon, fried to a delicious golden brown, and then topped with glaze. Can we say "Yummy!"?

    • Butterfly Roll

      Butterfly Roll

      Made from our traditional yeast recipe that has been dusted with cinnamon, fried to a golden brown and glazed with our classic glaze, our Butterfly Roll is a favorite among our pastries. Aside from the unusual shape, the dough is slightly thicker, giving you a different texture variety than you will find with our other pastries.

    • Cinnamon Roll

      Cinnamon Roll

      Loaded with cinnamon goodness, this is a pastry that is sure to delight everyone! Each cinnamon roll is made by hand, using our traditional yeast recipe mixed with cinnamon, fried to a golden brown and then topped with our traditional glaze. Our Cinnamon Rolls have remained a mouthwatering favorite among our list of pastries.

    • Cinnamon Twist

      Cinnamon Twist

      Our Cinnamon Twists are created with our traditional yeast recipe, that is dusted with cinnamon and hand twisted into the magical pastry that we lovingly refer to as our Cinnamon Twist. Once fried to a golden brown, it is covered with our classic glaze. It is sure to be a favorite among cinnamon lovers everywhere!

    • Filled Bar

      Filled Bar

      Also known as an Éclair or a Long John, this oblong shaped pastry is created using our traditional yeast recipe, fried to a golden brown, then filled with our popular Bavarian Custard filling and topped with chocolate. This delectable trio of flavors is a “must try” for everyone! We also offer them topped with walnuts.

    • Old Fashion Cinnamon Roll

      Old Fashion Cinnamon Roll

      Our Old Fashion Cinnamon Roll has been a timeless classic for years. It is hand shaped, baked, and topped with our traditional glaze. They are also available with walnuts on top.

    • Filled Donuts

    • Bavarian Filled

      Bavarian Filled

      An absolute favorite among our filled donuts is our Bavarian Filled Donut. It is filled with a vanilla pudding-like custard that is a perfect balance of yum!

    • Chocolate Cream Filled

      Chocolate Cream Filled

      Get the best of both worlds with this chocolate dough glazed donut that is filled with a white marshmallow cream filling.

    • Chocolate Filled

      Chocolate Filled

      Did someone say chocolate? Our Chocolate Filled Donut is a creamy milk chocolate filling that is packed full of flavor and sure to delight chocolate lovers everywhere.

    • Cream Filled

      Cream Filled

      Our cream filling is like no other! It’s a light, marshmallow cream filling that adds just the perfect amount of sweetness to our traditional glazed donut.

    • Devil's Food

      Devil's Food

      Our Devils Food Donut is absolutely heavenly! Our chocolate dough glazed donut is filled with a warm chocolate filling, making this every chocolate lovers “dream donut”.

    • Fruit Filled Jelly Donuts

      Fruit Filled Jelly Donuts

      Each of our Fruit Filled Jelly Donuts are filled with a sweet jelly filling that is made from real fruit. Varieties include: apple, cherry, raspberry, lemon, blueberry, and strawberry.

    • Cake Donuts

    • More “dunkable” than our traditional yeast recipe, our cake donuts are a solid favorite among donut fans everywhere. While crunchy on the outside, the moist and crumbly inside makes for a prefect donut combination. Simply put… Our cake donuts are undeniably the best!
    • Blueberry Cake Donuts

      Blueberry Cake Donuts

      Our Blueberry Cake donuts are made with real blueberries and fried to a golden brown crisp. We serve these both with and without our classic glaze.

    • Cinnamon Sugar or Plain Sugar Cake Donut

      Cinnamon Sugar or Plain Sugar Cake Donut

      If you can’t decide which one is best, we highly recommend both! You can’t go wrong with our Cinnamon Sugar or Plain Sugar Cake Donut!

    • Iced Cake Donuts

      Iced Cake Donuts

      There is a certain plain-versus-sweet magic that  is created when you combine our cake donuts with our flavored icings. Our icing flavors include chocolate, vanilla, cherry, strawberry and maple. Our Chocolate Iced cake donuts are served with or without walnuts.

    • Plain Cake Donuts

      Plain Cake Donuts

      Our plain cake donuts are anything but plain. Though they are considered to be less sweet than our traditional glazed donuts, they are full of texture variety and flavor. For those of you who desire a little more sweetness, we also offer a Glazed Plain Cake.

    • Sugar White Cake

      Sugar White Cake

      You will love the crunch of the golden brown fried exterior of our traditional cake donut that is topped with mounds of our powdered sugar.  The contrast of the cake and the powdered sugar is the perfect combo. Your mouth will thank you!

    • Kolaches

    • Kolaches


      Our kolaches are baked fresh everyday, and topped with warm butter as soon as they come out of the oven. We offer sausage with american cheese, sausage with pepper jack cheese, plain sausage, and ham with american cheese.

    • Drinks

    • Drinks may vary depending on store availability.
    • Bottled Drinks

      Apple juice, orange juice, cranberry juice, cran-grape juice, cran- apple juice, bottled sweet tea, Gatorade*, and bottled water

    • Hot Beverages

      Farmers Brothers regular and decaf coffee, french vanilla cappuccino, and hot chocolate

    • Iced Coffee

      French vanilla*, mocha, and caramel*


      * Available at select locations

    • Milk

      Bordon chocolate milk, whole milk, and 2% milk

    • Sodas

      Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Diet Dr. Pepper, Sierra Mist, Pink Lemonade, Mountain Dew, Big Red, and Mug Root beer*