About Us

Welcome to Shipley Do-Nuts of Bryan and College Station, TX!

Thomas Archer – General Manager
Mr. Archer is our general manager. He has overseen all facets of operation since 1990. He is very well recognized in the community as the face of Shipleys. His management experience brings a proven track record of team building that has helped make Shipley Donuts in Bryan and College Station what it is today. You’ll often hear is contagious laugh and his booming voice yelling out, “Hot glazed!” in the shops. 

Shelly Archer – Human Resource Manager & Marketing Director
Mrs. Archer is our Human Resource Manager and Marketing Director. She handles all facets of Human Resource Management including, hiring, firing, scheduling employees, and record management to name a few. As Marketing Director, she handles all advertising as well as media relations. She is involved with several non-profit organizations as well. 

Thomas and Shelly have six children and numerous grandchildren. All of their children have worked or are still currently working for Shipleys, making this very much a “family business”.

Robert Krueger – Area Coordinator
Robert serves as our Area Coordinator. He started working for Shipleys in 1984 while attending high school. With the same dedication and commitment that Robert has shown to both us at Shipleys as well as his family, Robert was able to successfully put himself through Texas A&M. Robert is a proud member of Fightin’ Texas Aggie of the class of 2001. Robert is also very well known throughout the community as the face of Shipleys. Robert’s duties include employee relations, product donations, quality control, as well as so much more. It’s truly hard to put a label on someone such as Robert. 

Bobby Archer –Operations Manager/ IT Specialist
Bobby started working with us in 2008 while still in high school. After acquiring his college degrees from Blinn University and working in other fields of business, we are fortunate that he decided to return to us and serve as our Operations Manager. He holds various job duties that range from inventory ordering and analyzation to IT specialist just to name a few.

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